Advance PR: New Book

So I have a new book(let) out. It’s called The Constitution: Understanding America’s Founding Document (American Enterprise Institute/Rowman & Littlefield, 2013).  I wouldn’t hold it out as a scholarly accomplishment; it’s not meant to be. The book is part of AEI’s well-conceived Values & Capitalism Project, which (among other things) publishes short, understandable books, targeted primarily at an audience of college students, that address matters of public concern—economics, social policy, American history and exceptionalism, etc. The Project has produced several terrific books. (My personal favorite is Alex Pollock’s Boom and Bust, containing much wisdom and insight on financial cycles.) Now this.

Predictably, The Constitution riffs on some of the themes of The Upside Down Constitution. On that account, my beloved daughter (a college senior who kindly reviewed the manuscript for suitability) suggested “Dad for Dummies” as a title, along with a yellow cover. But that’s not quite fair. Flipping through the text now, it actually strikes me as quite demanding, at least for folks who don’t live and breathe ConLaw.  Plus, given its overview-ish purpose, the booklet covers additional topics, from judicial review to slavery to the administrative state.

Over the comings weeks, AEI will put its considerable marketing muscle and prowess behind the product. (There’ll even be an animated video.) Still, I’m doing my small part. Get The Constitution from Amazon or AEI, and take a look: it might be useful to students entrusted to your care and instruction.

Assuming, without adequate foundation, that you trust the author.