Announcing John Grove

I am excited to announce that John Grove has joined Law & Liberty as Associate Editor. John is transitioning from the academic world, having recently been Associate Professor of Political Science at Lincoln Memorial University where he taught undergraduate courses in political theory, international relations and constitutional law. John has written on the American founding, the political theory of Edmund Burke and John Calhoun’s concurrent majority theory. He is particularly interested in the interplay between the structure of political institutions and the moral qualities of citizenship.

John holds a Ph.D. in political theory from Northern Illinois University. He has published academic work in Polity, American Political Thought, The South Carolina Historical Magazine, and Studies in Burke and His Time. His book, John C. Calhoun’s Theory of Republicanism was published by the University Press of Kansas in 2016. He has also written for National Affairs, The Imaginative Conservative, and Starting Points.

Please welcome him to this space!