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Samuel Alito

Alito’s Way

Justice Samuel Alito's speech shows that originalism will be the parole of the Court going forward, and that Alito will be the originalist of tradition.

Washington and his Cabinet
Book Review

The First Rivals

Washington’s objectives in cabinet management had less to do with managing diverse personalities and more to do with preserving political coherence.

Hudson Ohio
Book Review

Recovering America

Coming Home shows that America suffers not from homesickness but homelessness—the alienation of a people from its true self.

Bush 41 nomination
Book Review

A Torch Passes?

The 1988 campaign was a capstone for long-running changes to the postwar GOP, and its campaign themes would reverberate into the future.

Stonehenge Wiccans
Book Review

Pursuing Meaning

Americans have always set great stock on authentic religious experience, and this priority has often pressed institutional religion to the margins.

Antifa 2019

Understanding Antifa

Antifa seeks to overthrow “the privileged” and they assume that this violence and destruction will inflame an uprising that will usher in a pure democracy.