Paul Schwennesen

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Dr. Paul Schwennesen is an environmental historian and military affairs analyst. His major research interests are in the geopolitics of liberty and the environmental and transatlantic history of the 16th century, with special focus on the entradas of De Soto and Coronado into North America, 1539-1542. He holds a PhD from the University of Kansas, a Master’s degree in Government from Harvard University, and degrees in History and Science from the United States Air Force Academy. Paul served ten years in the US military in weapons-systems acquisition, foreign area intelligence, and flightline operations which included deployments to Central America and Afghanistan. In 2022 he volunteered in Ukraine to provide civilian aid and combat training on the frontlines against the Russian invasion. He was presented with the Verhkhovna Rada medal by the Ukrainian Parliament for “Merit to the Ukrainian People.” He is a regular contributor to the American Institute for Economic Research, and his writing has appeared at the New York Times, American Spectator, Claremont Review, and in textbooks on environmental ethics (Oxford University Press and McGraw-Hill).