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Wisdom for New Things

Catholic Social Teaching will have minimal value if it serves mainly to channel the nostalgic yearning many people feel for older, simpler-seeming times.

Face Masks Required Sign

Obedience Fatigue

Over a year of CDC flip-flops and credibility-straining pronouncements leave a compliant public skeptical. Vaccinated Americans yearn for normalcy.

Book Review

Past as Prologue

Past and Prologue will make even the most idealistic historians question whether an unbiased history of America has ever been attempted, much less attained

Treasury Check

Let Them Spend Cash?

Cash payments, in place of complex welfare programs, may be a step toward extricating government from the lives and ambitions of low-income Americans.

final fantasy

What Is Art?

Politics shouldn't determine what counts as art, but the energy released and channeled by art has a profound effect on politics, for good or ill.

Confession 1

Breaking Faith

Religious liberty is not a trump card that wins every time, but interference with clergy-penitent privilege will do no good and may produce real harm.

Samuel Alito

Alito’s Way

Justice Samuel Alito's speech shows that originalism will be the parole of the Court going forward, and that Alito will be the originalist of tradition.