Embracing Seriousness About War and Peace

Angelo Codevilla passed away a year ago this month. A professor of international relations at Boston University, Codevilla was known for an outspoken realism that elevated peace and the interests of the American people as the ends of our foreign policy. His final book, America’s Rise and Fall among Nations, contrasts the realist vision of John Quincy Adams with the fumbling and often nefarious foreign policy schemes of the twentieth-century progressive establishment. Whatever one’s opinions on Codevilla’s politics, the book is sure to be essential reading for any consideration of an “America first” foreign policy.

Four Law & Liberty contributors offer their thoughts:

The Progressive Revolution in American Foreign Policy
Will Morrisey

Recovering a Constrained Foreign Policy
William Anthony Hay

What Is Our Peace?
Richard M. Reinsch II

Against the Elites
Titus Techera