Friday Roundup, July 20

  • Russ Roberts next podcast is with Gary Taubes and might be called “FatTalk.”
  • Peter Thiel’s recent question to Google CEO Eric Schmidt “If you have $50 billion in low-yielding investments, are you not more of a bank than a technology company?” is the source of Arnold Kling’s reflections on this current global business paradox.
  •  Is regulatory capture of the ABA’s Legal Education Committee the reason why American legal education struggles to adapt to a new legal market.?
  • Point of Law draws attention to the Internal pay equity rule promulgated in Dodd-Frank that will be issued by the SEC at month’s end.
  • Volokh’s Ilya Somin reflects on his recent visit to the Gulag Museum in Moscow noting that it is “one of the few recent Russian efforts to accurately portray the horrible atrocities of communism. The mass murders and other crimes of communist regimes have often been neglected in both Russia and the West.”  Somin notes what many have often said, that is, the victims of communism have never been properly remembered or buried.