Friday Roundup: October 5th

  • A reminder to not miss Law and Liberty’s excellent Forum debate featuring Michael Greve, Bill Galston, and Bill Voegeli over the structure of the American Constitution and how it should guide the changes to our small c constitution of interminable debt, unaccountable government, and inverted federalism.

 While conservatives surely have cause to be vexed with the Court for its legal judgment, it is this sense of betrayal that exposes just how dangerous the Court as an institution has become. The true peril posed by the Supreme Court in our time lies in the idea that the Court can ever serve as an ally, that it can resolve political difficulties, and that it can be counted upon as a political partner or an agent of political reform. It should do none of those things, and it threatens our constitutional order precisely to the degree that it attempts them.

  • Robert Skidelsky reviews (link no longer available) Economics After the Crisis. Bill Allen, former Deputy Director of the Bank of England, chimes in also (link no longer available).