Friday Roundup, September 27th

  • The current Liberty Law Talk is with Marc DeGirolami on his book The Tragedy of Religious Freedom. Our conversation focuses on the failure of monistic accounts that resolve religious liberty disputes by cosmic appeals to neutrality, equality, or other universal rationales. DeGirolami argues that these accounts fail to consider fully the range of practices, traditions, and meanings at stake in these highly controverted cases.
  • The New Atlantis‘s symposium on “The Evolution of Human Nature” evaluates and critiques universal attempts to explain human nature and behavior by Darwinian categories.


The Debt Trap, Part (2): The Unaffordable We-Don’t-Care Act

Yesterday’s post, on the seemingly unstoppable growth of federal transfer payments to state and local governments, ended on a question: what happens when both parties to the transaction, the states and the feds confront unsustainable commitments? The brilliant answer our federalism has produced: make yet more unsustainable commitments. Why? Read on to find out.