Has there been a political turn at the Washington Post?

Interesting things are happening at the Washington Post.

1. The Volokh Conspiracy has moved to the Post’s website.

2. Libertarian reporter/blogger Radley Balko has moved to the Post.

3. Ezra Klein, an influential progressive columnist/blogger is leaving the Post.

Together, these represent a significant change in the Post’s website from progressivism towards libertarianism.

It is true that the Post, although a clearly liberal newspaper, has included conservative voices among its columnists, such as George Will and Charles Krauthammer. But this appears to be a move towards libertarians on the web.

The most obvious explanation for the change is that Jeff Bezos is changing the direction of the Post. There are some reports that Bezos leans libertarian, and he has donated to the organization that publishes Reason.

If it turns out that Bezos is moving the Post in a more libertarian direction, that would be a welcome change. Here’s hoping.