Introducing Greg Weiner, July's Guest Blogger

It does seem strange to introduce Greg Weiner as Law and Liberty’s guest blogger for the month of July. He is, after all, a regular on this site, where his posts brim with cheekiness. If you haven’t listened to this podcast I did with Greg on his award-winning book on James Madison, then by all means download it now. Other items of interest: Greg loves Willmoore Kendall, so we know right away that he can recognize greatness.

Some stats: Weiner is an assistant professor of political science at Assumption College in Worcester, MA. He is currently working on another book, also under contract to the University Press of Kansas’ American Political Thought series, on the political thought of Daniel Patrick Moynihan. Also, it should be said that Greg is no stranger to politics. Prior to his teaching career, Weiner was a political consultant and an aide to three U.S. senators.