Introducing Guest Blogger David Conway

Also filling in for Michael Greve during his absence is David Conway. Regular readers of the Liberty Law Blog will recall some of his previous posts that focused on the decline of the rule of law and civil society in England. Despite his philosophical education at the Universities of Cambridge and London in the late 1960’s and a subsequent thirty year career as a professional philosopher, David Conway is now sufficiently well recovered an academic for his blogging to have become intelligible to those unversed in the arcana of contemporary academic philosophy.
He honed his blog-writing skills during the five year period that he spent upon leaving academia with the classical liberal think-tank Civitas: Institute for the Study of Civil Society, situated in Westminster, London, within sight and sound of Big Ben. With an eye out for legal news of bearing upon liberty on both sides of the Pond as well as the English Channel, David promises to bring to the passing show of law and political thought a slightly jaundiced, yet still identifiably classical liberal, perspective.