Patrick Allitt

I was pleasantly surprised to see this new podcast with Patrick Allitt.  I know Professor Allitt’s work from his lectures for the Great Courses (previously known as the Teaching Company).

I have listened to three of his courses, all of which I greatly recommend.  The first course I listened to by Professor Allitt was his Victorian Britain.  Both my wife and I loved this course, and we still laugh at Allitt’s impersonation of Queen Victoria.  Great fun and highly recommended.

The second course I enjoyed was History of the United States (2nd edition).  Allitt is joined here by two other excellent lecturers –  Allen C. Guelzo and Gary W. Gallagher – and the three of them provide a first rate review of the nation’s history.  I also listened to the first edition of this course, with different professors, and this version was far superior.

The third course was The Conservative Tradition.  This course covers modern conservatism, both exploring the main ideas and the main politicians who drove the movement.  As with all of Allitt’s courses, one remembers both the ideas and funny anecdotes, such as his discussion of Margaret Thacher handbagging the French.

Allitt’s courses do not strike me as conservative.  Instead, I am not quite sure what his politics are.  Instead, the courses are descriptive, entertaining, and insightful – exactly what good history should be.