The Profoundly anti-Keynesian Political Economy of Wilhelm Röpke

with Samuel Gregg

This edition of Liberty Law Talk is a conversation with Samuel Gregg, Research Director of the Acton Institute, on his latest book, Wilhelm Röpke’s Political Economy. Röpke’s name is not frequently mentioned in the parade of great free market economists of the twentieth century. This is unfortunate, for those who know Friedrich Hayek and Ludwig von Mises may not be aware of this German economist who was as fluent in history, philosophy, and classical languages as he was in economics. One of the leading postwar German thinkers whose ideas guided Germany’s free market economic revival, Röpke approached business cycle theory, international trade, fiscal policy, monetary policy, and other issues from a Scottish Enlightenment perspective of emerging orders within the touchstones provided by classical-Christian European civilization. This podcast is certain to challenge many preconceptions of the German economist and generate your interest in his life’s work.