Remembering Roger Scruton

On January 12, 2020, Sir Roger Scruton died after a six-month struggle with cancer. We thought it appropriate to gather some of our contributors to offer reflections on the man and his achievements, and to draw attention to the many appearances he has made in this space. Our three reflections include:

Lessons from Roger Scruton

by Helen Dale

Roger Scruton, Sentinel of the West

by Samuel Gregg

The Last Gentleman of the English-Speaking World

by Titus Techera

Sir Roger was also a longtime friend of Law & Liberty, appearing four times on our podcast:

Dismantling the Leftist Academic Complex

Understanding Relational Persons

The Disappeared 

How to Be a Conservative

We were also glad to post this address “Tradition, Culture, and Citizenship” that he delivered at the second meeting of the St. John’s University’s Center for Law and Religion’s Tradition Project.

Finally, Scruton’s works were a regular topic for essays and debate, and some of the best of these essays include the following:

Music and Our Cultural Decline: Roger Scruton’s Conservative Response

by David Corey

Reading the State of Britain with Roger Scruton

by Theodore Dalrymple

Sir Roger to the Rescue

by Stephen Presser

The Spunk of Albion

by Peter Augustine Lawler

The Functional Anthropologist, Roger Scruton

by Peter Augustine Lawler

Somewhere between Horror and Hope

by Priscilla Jenson

The Conservationism You Can Believe In

by Patrick Allitt