Schools for Misrule

I just listened to the episode of Law Talk on Schools for Misrule.  Richard Reinsch does a great job of interviewing Walter Olson on his new book.  After the podcast, I will definitely be putting the book on my reading list.  Olson covers the history of law schools and how they came to their present state, where so much of what goes on supports the progressive agenda.  Some of the story I knew, but much I didn’t, including the role of the Ford Foundation.  (Alas, the Ford Foundation was very busy in those days, including doing its part to convince the University of Virginia to trade away two Nobel Prize Economists (Buchanan and Coase) and another who deserves one (Tullock), and not even for a player to be named later).    Not to be missed is the discussion of Harold Koh’s introduction to the entering class of Yale Law students: “Welcome, to the Republic of Conscience.”  They didn’t explicitly say that kind of thing when I was there under Harry Wellington’s deanship, but it was in the drinking water nonetheless.