They're Still Ignoring Lawrence Walsh's October Surprise

Democrats are all abuzz with criticisms of the FBI’s reopening of the e mail investigation of Hillary Clinton.  Some people talk of this being unprecedented or the worst October Surprise.  Sadly, these criticisms appear ignorant of what Lawrence Walsh did many years ago to help elect Hillary’s husband.

For those who do not remember, the story is told here and here.  Put briefly, there is a way to understand James Comey’s behavior as honorable.  There is no way to understand Lawrence Walsh’s behavior that way.

Sadly, people who should know better don’t seem to.  At the 538 site, Harry Entin reviews six examples of October Surprises.  Yet, he completely omits Lawrence Walsh’s indictment.  This is from a site that is supposed to specialize in examining the data.

The way that Walsh’s awful behavior has been ignored is really quite sad, if not surprising.