Third Annual Originalism Works-in-Progress Conference in San Diego

This weekend the University of San Diego’s Center for the Study of Constitutional Originalism will be holding its third annual Hugh and Hazel Darling Originalism Works-in-Progress Conference.   The Conference is a great event, bringing to San Diego leading scholars from throughout the country to discuss the most recent work on originalism with the Center’s six members.  At the last two conferences, I have learned a tremendous amount and am expecting to do so again this year.

This year’s conference has a great line up of presenters and commentators:

1.         Ilya Somin (George Mason): “Originalism and Political Ignorance”

Commentator: John McGinnis (Northwestern)

2.         Jamal Greene (Columbia): “Fourteenth Amendment Originalism”

Commentator: Michael Paulsen (St. Thomas)

Special Session on the Enumerated Powers (Papers 3-5)

3.         Kurt Lash (Illinois): “Resolution VI: The Virginia Plan and Authority to Resolve “Collective Action Problems” Under Article I, Sect. 8”

4.         Robert Pushaw (Pepperdine): “Obamacare and the Original Meaning of the Commerce Clause: Identifying Historical Limits on Congress’s Powers”

5.         John Mikhail (Georgetown): “The Necessary and Proper Clauses”

Commentator on Papers 3-5: Jack Balkin (Yale)

6.         Jennifer Mason McAward (Notre Dame): “McCulloch and the Thirteenth Amendment”

Commentator: Mark Tushnet (Harvard)

7.         Stephen Sachs (Duke): “Constitutional Backdrops”

Commentator: Andrew Kent (Fordham)

8.         Garrett Epps (Baltimore): “The Civil Rights Act of 1866 and the Fourteenth Amendment: The Case for ‘Narrative Originalism”

Commentator: Chris Green (Mississippi)

The last two conferences are on line at the Originalism Center’s website.  This year’s conference will also be posted on line in a couple of weeks.

For more information on the conference and the Originalism Center, take a look at the Center’s website.

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