Weekend Roundup, May 25th

  • In case you missed it, the current Liberty Forum debate considers the constitutional status of Congress relative to the executive branch and the administrative state that it administers. One question prominently discussed in the debate is if Congress has been reduced to a mere oversight body over the omnipresent sphere of federal bureaucrats and agencies and can no longer be considered a deliberative branch of government? Contributions from John Samples, John Marini, and Herman Belz illuminate this question through the writings of James Burnham’s canonical work Congress and the American Tradition.
  • Powerline reports on Professor Michael McConnell’s recent lecture on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and the constitutional authority it provides to the Catholic suits filed this week against the Obama administration’s HHS mandate.
  • The Postmodern Conservative blog offers in “American Heresies” its thoughts on New York Times columnist Ross Douthat’s new book Bad Religion.