What Does Google Have Against Me?

In the last year or so, I have discovered that Google Search refuses to recognize some of my posts from this blog.  For example, in 2013, I wrote a post for this blog entitled Separating Legislative and Executive Power.  If one puts in the title of the post, my last name, and Liberty Law Blog into Google, the post does not come up.  By contrast, if one puts those same search terms into the Bing search engine, the post comes up at the top of the list.

This is not merely true of this one blog post.  It is true of many of my posts.  For another example, if one searches for another of my posts, Combining Executive and Judicial Power, using the same method, Google turns up nothing.  But Bing brings the post to the top of the list.

I can’t give you a list of all of the posts that have been excluded by Google, but I noticed the issue gradually over the last year or so, and I am confident there are at least 10, and for all I know, there could be many more – I haven’t searched.

But it is not as if Google excludes all of my posts.  And in fact, the searches that do not turn up the post I am seeking actually turn up other of my Liberty Law Blog posts.

I also do not believe the content can explain why the posts were excluded.  These posts do not seem more controversial than other posts I write.

One might wonder whether this peculiarity of my blogging is of general interest.  And perhaps it is not.  There may be an innocent or uninteresting explanation.  Still, the power of Google to guide us in certain directions is, of course, of enormous importance, as is the way it which its secret algorithm does so.  That Bing works in the expected manner, but Google does not, seems worthy of some attention.

I am baffled by this.  Does anyone have an explanation?

Update: Here is an update in response to some of the commentators.  One commentator stated that the problem was that I had included the term Liberty Law Blog among my search terms, claiming this is not the name of the site.  It is true that Liberty Law Site is the name on the URL, but the name of the blog is Liberty Law Blog and Google shows that name when you do a search for it.  In any event, it would be pretty inefficient if Google let that type of issue prevent one from seeing the correct result.

More significantly, if I just put Rappaport and Separating Legislative and Executive Power into Google, the post does not come up.  (In contrast, to the result gotten by one of the commentators.)  It should be enough to put the author and exact title of the blog post into Google to get the result, but apparently not.

Again, I am not sure what is going on.  This may just be a minor glitch and mean nothing more than that.  But I do find it odd.  After all, Bing does not have these problems and virtually everyone believes that Google is better than Bing.

I was trying to be provocative by titling the post, “What Does Google Have Against Me?”  Perhaps it is just a glitch and Google has nothing against me.  Given Google’s power, I certainly hope not.