What Does New Technology Demand of Us?

Last month, Law & Liberty hosted a dinner discussion at Liberty Fund’s headquarters in Carmel, Indiana on the challenge of big tech and the prospects for regulation or reform. Our discussion was wide-ranging and helped us understand the sorts of challenges and opportunities the largest technology firms create for friends of liberty.

The participants now offer their considered views in writing:

Asheesh Agarwal, The Big Questions About Big Tech
Good sense and a dash of humility might go a long way.

Jennifer Huddleston, Adaptation is the Key
It would be a mistake to use regulation of Big Tech as a weapon for fighting the culture wars.

Jessica Melugin, The Big Tech Panic Attack
Conservatives should take a deep breath and allow market forces to tame the tech companies.

Brandon J. Weichert, Now is the Time for Action
Social media is addictive, polarizing, and potentially a threat to national security.