Will on DeMuth

The one and only George Will has a Washington Post column today on the one and only Chris DeMuth’s speech on “Executive Government and Bankrupt Government,” delivered at GMU’s Transatlantic Law Forum this past February. I’ve blogged and linked to the talk here. Go read if you haven’t already. You now have it on Mr. Will’s authority that this is big—the deepest, most sober reflection on the state of our politics you’ll find.

In the printed Post, George Will’s column appears underneath a rare E.J. Dionne column that’s not only not inane or infuriating but right on, and moving. The Boston Marathon runs up Commonwealth Avenue (“Heartbreak Hill”) past Boston College, where I’ve taught and where my daughter goes to school. This one hit close to home, and I thank Mr. Dionne for his tribute to one of America’s greatest, gutsiest cities.