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ERA 70s Rally

The ERA Is Back?

Will bellbottoms, platform shoes, and disco enjoy a similar revival? Don’t count on it; only some retro fashions qualify as “woke.”

Capitol Storm Clouds

A War of Ideas?

Rather than focus on what set of ideas America must revive or reject, we might focus instead on the concrete realities which define our political life.

Pacific Northwest

Mystic Timber

As an epic vision of reality, Karl Marlantes’s Deep River takes up the enduring cultural theme of primitivism.

No10 Downing

One Nation or Bust!

The Conservative Party’s immense election victory means it must bind up the wounds the referendum and subsequent polarisation opened in the body politic.

General Election 2019

Brexit Panto

Billed as the most significant election since Clement Attlee’s 1945 Labour landslide, the outcome will determine whether Brexit happens at all.


Exit Stage Right

Mobility enables Americans to improve their well-being by pursuing more attractive opportunities elsewhere in this magnificent, sprawling country.

Antifa Reds

Wanting the Worst

Without “a minimum of envy,” Helmut Schoeck argues, the traditions that provide stability and order would be swept away by eager revolutionaries.