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Born from our wish to highlight the best that is being thought and said in law, politics, and culture, From the Editors features essays in Law & Liberty every Thursday morning, in addition to salient dialogue our thinkers are having elsewhere. Beyond that, we will elaborate on what we have been reading or thinking through recently, previewing ideas, books, or policies that will shape the conversation in our pages and learned circles.

The Long View

Delivered Every Sunday

The Editors will offer a deeper view of the ideas and movements that have and continue to shape American society. The Long View features essays and book reviews from our wide-ranging archive to help you understand the larger trends that drive current events and intelligent commentary on how we see the great ideas and practices of the liberal tradition guiding us through present controversies. We will also draw your attention to the writing beyond our pages, old and new, that shed light on today’s issues and those of perennial concern.

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