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Past Reviews

The Essential Scalia
A Review of The Essential Scalia

Scalia’s Wisdom and Wit

Scalia offered the first map of a new world, or perhaps more accurately, rediscovered an old map of the world that had been forgotten.

Law & Leviathan
A Review of Law & Leviathan

Leviathan’s Apologists

So long as a studied indifference to the true state of administrative law persists, Leviathan will continue to overcome the rule of law.

Soft Power With Chinese Characteristics
A Review of Soft Power With Chinese Characteristics

China’s Not-So-Soft Power

Is it possible that the Communists are right that economic power will, sooner or later, clothe in amiability the malefactor of great wealth?

Book Review

Taking the Measure of 45

Yoo and Posner both engage the same fundamental question: what are the best ways to promote good government and popular government simultaneously?

On Bullshit
A Review of On Bullshit

Coping with Bullshit

Reality having ceased to provide a standard by which to evaluate statements, it is replaced by the speaker, who seeks merely to be true to himself.

The Socialist Temptation
A Review of The Socialist Temptation

America’s Gen Z Jacobins

Presenting socialism’s rise as the greatest issue in our political life today attributes too much societal sway to this particular "-ism."

A newsletter worth reading.

The Unelected
A Review of The Unelected

America’s Ruling Class

The Unelected addresses a timely subject, and one that is vital to the future of the United States as a constitutional republic.

What's Wrong with Economics?
A Review of What's Wrong with Economics?

Politics and the Economist

Good economic arguments do not make the science subordinate to this or that political goal, but help us better understand the riddles of economic life.

War for Eternity
A Review of War for Eternity

The Man Behind the Curtain?

Although Steve Bannon certainly played a role in the resurgence of right-wing populism in the U.S., his influence has been overstated.