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Past Reviews

Whatever Happened to Tradition?
A Review of Whatever Happened to Tradition?

Traditional Limits

Tim Stanley offers a gentle, humane defense of gratitude, continuity, and loyalty. But he concedes more to the spirit of our age than he admits.

A Political Economy of Power
A Review of A Political Economy of Power

Power Economics

The first-generation of ordoliberals were focused on how to limit public and private power in order to create an economy that promotes liberty.

A newsletter worth reading.

A House Built by Slaves
A Review of A House Built by Slaves

Meeting Mr. Lincoln

During the Civil War, Black Americans came in large numbers to meet with Abraham Lincoln. They transformed his perspective on American life.

Common Good Constitutionalism
A Review of Common Good Constitutionalism

Originalism for the Common Good

The people make the fundamental, enduring decisions about the best framework for promoting the common good within a disciplined, supermajoritarian process.