Introducing Myself

For my first post, I thought I would introduce myself.  I have lived in blue states my whole life – growing up in NYC, living in Washington DC after law school, and then moving to California to teach.  While I had pretty left wing views growing up, I moved to the right before entering college, and have stayed there ever since.

I went to law school at Yale, where I also received another degree in law and political theory.  After law school, I clerked on the Third Circuit, worked in private practice for Ted Olson, and served in the Office of Legal Council of the Justice Department that was headed by Attorney General Meese.

As an academic, I have worked in various fields, but my dominant passion has been the libertarian pursuit of free markets and freedom under the law.  In recent years, I have focused mainly on constitutional originalism.  At the University of San Diego, I am the Director of the Center for the Study of Constitutionalism and have a book coming out next year from Harvard, Originalism and the Good Constitution (co-authored with John McGinnis), which presents a new defense of originalism.  I have also been blogging at the Center’s Originalism Blog, where I will continue to blog from time to time.

At the Liberty Law Blog, I plan to continue my pursuits, with many posts on originalism, constitutional law, and the moderate version of libertarianism to which I subscribe.  I am looking forward to it.