Notice, and Comment

There’s a terrific new blog out there, under the umbrella of the Yale Journal on Regulation. Cleverly entitled Notice & Comment, it’s the brainchild of Chris “Just-Because-We-Teach-AdLaw-Doesn’t-Mean-We’re-Boring” Walker.  The blog follows the AdLaw literature, so we don’t have to. It also has posts on ongoing events, and they’re darn good. Among the recent entries: a fun piece by Peter Conti-Brown, an occasional contributor to this site, on how POTUS can fire the head of the Secret Service (“head” is a metaphor here) but not the President of the New York Reserve—and how stupid is that? And Jeff Pojanowski has an insightful piece on the Supreme Court’s forthcoming argument (and eventual decision) in Perez v. Mortgage Bankers Association, wherein the D.C. Circuit’s Paralyzed Veterans doctrine may get Vermont Yankeed and agencies get to do yet more stuff by the seat of their pants.

You didn’t know that, right? You should read Notice & Comment.