Remembering Justice Scalia

This week, Crown Forum released The Essential Scalia: On the Constitution, the Courts, and the Rule of Law. Edited by Judge Jeffrey S. Sutton and Edward Whelan, and with a foreword by Justice Elena Kagan, this is the third posthumous collection of Justice Scalia’s speeches, writings, and decisions.

To mark this occasion, Law & Liberty commissioned two reviews of the book:

Scalia’s Wit and Wisdom

by John O. McGinnis

A Scalia Digest

by Mark Pulliam

We also wanted to take the opportunity to collect some of Law & Liberty‘s other essays on Justice Scalia’s writings and decisions:

A Justice—or a Court—of Contradictions?

by Jesse Merriam

The Faithful Justice

by Kevin Walsh

A (Mostly) Misbegotten Attempt to Take Scalia’s Measure

by Allen Mendenhall

Why Scalia’s Originalism Trumps “Original Intent”

by James R. Rogers

Justice Scalia’s Conservatism Does Not Detract from His Originalism

by John O. McGinnis

I Heard the Voice of Scalia

by Mark Pulliam

Scalia’s Genius and His Curse

by Hadley Arkes

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