Friday Roundup, July 12th

  • Our Books section this week features James Gibson’s review of Without Fear or Favor, a book that considers the ways states have tried to produce both judicial independence and accountability. The controversy of how state judges are selected is in the news. As the linked WSJ article recounts, my home state recently rejected its long time reliance on the Missouri Plan for selecting judges, which to my untutored eye looks like another invention of the progressive smart set that will purportedly eliminate politics from the bench. It didn’t. Many would say it resulted, at least in my state, in a state supreme court that is reflexively liberal and insulated from the frequent Republican governors being able to shape its composition.
  • For-profit regulation: Hester Pierce reports on the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s profitable 2012. It’s something like Heads, they make money; Tails, you get to comply with more regs.