Top Five Podcasts of 2020

Our podcast show grew enormously this year compared to 2019, with over 100% increase in downloads. Below are the top 5, which you might enjoy listening to over the holidays.

1) Will We Be Sino-Formed?, with David Goldman

A discussion with Goldman about his You Will Be Assimilated: China’s Plan to Sino-form the World. He observes that “We simply have difficulty believing that a culture so different from ours, and one that was so impoverished and humiliated for such a long period of time could come back so quickly.”

2) How the West Was Lost, with Stanley Kurtz

How ought we to think about the study of Western Civilization, and when did it begin to decline? Stanley Kurtz joined me for a discussion of his book The Lost History of Western Civilization, and outlined a strategy for how to make headway in an academy gone mad.

3) Losing Washington, with Richard Brookhiser

Eminent historian and political writer Richard Brookhiser joined Liberty Law Talk to share his thoughts on what we could learn from George Washington amidst 2020’s twin disasters of COVID and civil unrest.

4) Rōnin Without Masters, with Steven Teles

Political scientist Steven Teles appeared on the podcast to discuss his new book (co-authored with Robert Saldin), Never Trump: Revolt of the Conservative Elites. He argues that the great mistake the Never Trumpers made was not recognizing their minority status within the GOP, and adjusting their strategy accordingly.

5) The Spiritual Quest of Identity Politics, with Joshua Mitchell

Georgetown political theorist Joshua Mitchell discusses his new book American Awakening: Identity Politics and Other Afflictions of Our Time. “When we say I have an identity these days, we mean something more than time. We mean the group of which we’re a member that has a certain status in the great continuum of innocence and transgression.”