The Life of the Mind: A Symposium on Zena Hitz's Lost in Thought

Published in May, just as fatigue from COVID-19 had about reached its peak, Zena Hitz’s Lost in Thought was a welcome invitation for readers to reconsider the pleasures of the intellectual life. 

We asked three authors to offer their thoughts on Hitz’s work:

The Monkish Virtues in Times of Crisis

by Jennifer A. Frey

The Prophetic and the Logos

by Paul Seaton

Envisioning a Happy Ending

by Jessica Hooten Wilson


French Muslim Protest

Islam in France

The French can provide a form of common life in which all, including their fellow Muslim citizens, can recognize themselves.

Creation concept

Religion of Humanity

Under a flashing neon sign proclaiming “human unity,” contemporary Europeans would have humanity arrest all intellectual or spiritual movement.