Announcing Liberty Classics

We are pleased to announce Liberty Classics, a new series engaging with Liberty Fund’s extensive catalog of books. Each essay in this series will review a major work published by Liberty Fund, with an eye to understanding their relevance of classic debates to contemporary law, politics, and culture.

We chose the first three books because of their importance for contemporary debates about originalism and liberalism:

Mark Pulliam, A Victorian Case for Ordered Liberty

James Fitzjames Stephen’s Liberty, Equality, Fraternity remains the best response to John Stuart Mill, and the politics of unfettered progress.

Stephen Presser, The Coming Resurrection of Raoul Berger? A Remembrance of Government by Judiciary

That judges are self-consciously law makers rather than law finders simply cannot be denied: Berger’s Government by Judiciary offers insight into opposing this.

Allen Mendenhall, A Better Sort of Constitutional Learning: James McClellan’s Liberty, Order, and Justice

James McClellan’s Liberty, Order, and Justice offers a wise introduction to the philosophy and politics of the U.S. Constitution.