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Mike Anton and Tom Wolfe

Soft Landing

It is good to be reminded by After the Flight 93 Election about the seriousness of political choice and the dangers of complacency and cynicism.


Judicial Office and the Written Constitution

Against Oliver Wendell Holmes’ cynical definition of law as “prophecies of what the courts will do in fact,” and the seemingly tamer modern definition of courts as policy-makers, Hamburger restores the common-law judge’s self-understanding that he is bound to decide according to the law of the land.

James R. Stoner, Jr. (Ph.D., Harvard University, 1987) is the Hermann Moyse, Jr. Professor and Director of the Eric Voegelin Institute in the Department of Political Science at Louisiana State University. He is the author of Common-Law Liberty: Rethinking American Constitutionalism (Kansas, 2003) and Common Law and Liberal Theory: Coke, Hobbes, and the Origins of American Constitutionalism (Kansas, 1992).