Mark T. Mitchell

2 articles & book reviews by Mark T. Mitchell.
Whittaker Chambers before the House Un-American Activities Committee, Aug. 25, 1948. He repeated his testimony that State Department Director, Alger Hiss, was a secret communist. Hiss is in mid-ground left, looking into camera. (BSLOC_2014_13_57)

Leaving the Faith

Our own convictions are inevitably strengthened when someone who has long opposed our views experiences a change of heart and joins our side.

Mark T. Mitchell is Dean of Academic Affairs and Professor of Government at Patrick Henry College. He is the author of several books including The Limits of Liberalism: Tradition, Individualism, and the Crisis of Freedom (Notre Dame), The Politics of Gratitude: Scale, Place, and Community in a Global Age (Potomac), and the forthcoming Power and Purity: The Unholy Marriage that Spawned America’s Social Justice Warriors (Regnery). He is the co-founder and president of Front Porch Republic.