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Fresh commentary on some of the most important books in law, politics, and culture.

Past Reviews

Europe and the Decline of Social Democracy
A Review of Europe and the Decline of Social Democracy

Banging on About Europe

Williamson sets out how the British social democratic tradition focused on achieving significant economic equality and (close to) full employment.

Compromise and the American Founding
A Review of Compromise and the American Founding

Who Are “We The People” Anyway?

The development of American politics can be understood as a centuries-long grappling with two competing but equally essential conceptions of "the people."

After Reagan
A Review of After Reagan

A Torch Passes?

The 1988 campaign was a capstone for long-running changes to the postwar GOP, and its campaign themes would reverberate into the future.

Just Hierarchy
A Review of Just Hierarchy

Justifying Control

As appealing as Confucian thought is, it works better as theory than in the messy reality of power and competing interests and human longings.

A newsletter worth reading.

How to Be a Dictator
A Review of How to Be a Dictator

Understanding Dictatorship

Dictators used sycophantic biographers, influential artists, and press agents to spread their cults and create the illusion of invincibility.

The First
A Review of The First

Free Speech in Theory and Practice

Fish contends that free speech as a concept must be “flexible” and “malleable” in order to allow for its application in a variety of real-world situations.