Capitalism Never Dies

For the past n years, I had the privilege of serving on the Board of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a libertarian think-and-litigate tank. (Predictably, some of CEI’s many admirable exploits have been subjects of this blog.) At its June 20 Annual Gala, CEI celebrated its Thirtieth Anniversary and the passing of the leadership baton from its founder and long-time president, the one and only Fred Smith, to Lawson Bader, formerly of the Mercatus Institute.

CEI’s annual events has themes; this year’s was James Bond. For a libertarian outfit, that’s an odd choice: we’re celebrating a government agent??? (Next year, Kathleen Sebelius. At least she doesn’t have a license to kill.) Somehow, though, they made it work. Notably, CEI’s staff produced its very own must-see Bond movie, which is here. For those who know the principals, a best-ever inside joke; for those who don’t, a splendid introduction to CEI.


Obamacare: The States’ Rights and Wrongs

Briefs have been trickling into the U.S. Supreme Court in the Obamacare cases. Soon, they’ll come flooding: briefing on the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate is starting today. It’s important to recognize that the constitutional arguments in the cases don’t always mesh easily with conservative-libertarian opposition to Obamacare’s policy—or for that matter, with their concerns over the state and trajectory of American federalism. Continue reading to learn more.