Top Episodes of Liberty Law Talk for 2019

Since January 2012, Richard Reinsch has been conducting interviews with the most important writers and scholars in the classical liberal and conservative tradition on Liberty Law Talk.

We are proud to present the top three most-downloaded podcasts of 2019:

1. Born-Again Paganism, with Steven D. Smith

Steven Smith returns to Liberty Law Talk to discuss his latest book Pagans & Christians in the City.

2. Borne Back to the American Founding, with George Will

Pulitzer Prize winning columnist and political commentator extraordinaire George Will comes to Liberty Law Talk to discuss his new book The Conservative Sensibility.

3. Bureaucracy, Regulation, and the Unmanly Contempt for the Constitution, with John Marini

John Marini is a revolutionary scholar on how our Constitution is undermined by the administrative state. He comes to Liberty Law Talk to discuss his new book Unmasking the Administrative State.