Mark Pulliam

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Face Masks Required Sign

Obedience Fatigue

Over a year of CDC flip-flops and credibility-straining pronouncements leave a compliant public skeptical. Vaccinated Americans yearn for normalcy.

ERA 70s Rally

The ERA Is Back?

Will bellbottoms, platform shoes, and disco enjoy a similar revival? Don’t count on it; only some retro fashions qualify as “woke.”


Exit Stage Right

Mobility enables Americans to improve their well-being by pursuing more attractive opportunities elsewhere in this magnificent, sprawling country.


Harvard’s Disgrace

Now that the “woke” activists at Harvard—intent on devouring their own—have humiliated an African-American trailblazer, who will be their next target?


Doubting Beto

Are American voters ready to elect a President who openly questions the relevance of the Constitution (or who live-streams his dental hygiene visit)?

Mark Pulliam writes from East Tennessee. A Big Law veteran, he retired as a partner in a large law firm after practicing for 30 years. A contributing editor to Law & Liberty since 2015, Mark also blogs at Misrule of Law. He considers himself a fully-recovered lawyer.